Read about the basic and advanced features of apiNG

Basic Features

The basic features makes apiNG to a high-flyer for receiving and displaying data, you regularly consume via $http.

      Simple setup
     Get & aggregate your data
     Optimize your data
     Display your data
     Work with your data

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Advanced Features

By adding the advanced features, apiNG turns into a rocket. It's nothing less than an extendable platform, where users can collaborate to create new plugins and designs.


By using this components, you are able to use and create re-usable modules for your work with AngularJS.

  • apiNG Plugins works as data sources for specific platforms or protocols (e.g. Facebook, Youtube, RSS, GitHub, ...)
  • apiNG Models are universal data models (e.g. for images, videos, events, social media, ...)
  • apiNG Designs are templates to display specific models

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Credential Manager

The credential manager is a functionality of apiNG, written to relieve working with plugins, if they have to deal with api keys, access tokens, and other credentials

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