Configuration File

If you want, you can configure the apingDefaultSettings in aping-config.js. This default settings could be overwritten by every aping instance via data-attributes.

"use strict";
angular.module('jtt_aping').config(['$provide', function ($provide) {
    $provide.value("apingDefaultSettings", {
        templateUrl : "<PATH_TO_YOUR_DEFAULT_DESIGN>",
        items : "<ITEMS_PER_REQUEST>", //items per request
        maxItems: "<MAX_ITEMS_PER_APING>", //max items per aping instance
        orderBy : "<ORDER_BY_PROPERTY>", // order result list by property
        orderReverse : "<ORDER_REVERSE_FLAG>", //"true" or "false"
        model: "<CHOSEN_DATA_MODEL>", //e.g. "social", "event", "video", ...
        getNativeData: false, // Use "true" for getting native data from plugins
        removeDoubles: false, // Use "true" to remove identical objects from result array
        apingApiKeys: {
            youtube : [{'apiKey': '<YOUR_YOUTUBE_API_KEY>'}],
            facebook: [{'access_token': '<YOUR_FACEBOOK_TOKEN>'}],
            twitter: [{'bearer_token': '<YOUR_TWITTER_BEARER_TOKEN>'}],
            vimeo: [{'access_token': '<YOUR_VIMEO_TOKEN>'}],
            tumblr: [{'api_key': '<YOUR_TUMBLR_API_KEY>'}],
            // ...